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Create Reseller Interface

Our reseller interface enables anyone to sell some of the services offered by Datalix. The interface is free of charge and can be operated on your own domain. It is not a front page, but only an interface to manage and sell the services.

You can create the interface directly here Create Reseller Interface

What is required?

To create the reseller interface, you need your own domain. This domain is used for the interface and is therefore the address at which the interface can be accessed. Normally, the interface is operated under a subdomain, e.g.

Logo and favicon

The logo and the favicon must be hosted externally. You can use external CDN services for this, please note that your users access the logo directly and no cache is used by us.

Create DNS entries

During creation you will be asked to create 5 DNS records, these are as follows:


These must point to the IP address as an A record. The entries are validated when you create the interface and must be correct. Depending on which DNS service you use, it may take a few hours for the entrys to be recognized as active by us.

We use as DNS server to validate the entries.

Wait until the interface has been released

After you have successfully created the interface, it must be approved by Support. This can take up to 48 hours. You will receive an e-mail as soon as the interface has been approved.