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Purchase by invoice

Purchase by invoice enables customers to process payments automatically via API and reseller interface.


The payment method is generally intended for companies and therefore cannot usually be activated for private individuals.

The following is a basic requirement:

  • At least 50 active services
  • Use of the reseller interface or the API to order services
  • Company certificate (trade license, proof that the company exists) or a valid VAT ID


Payment of the credit limit (purchase on account) should always be made after the limit has been reached. But at least once a month.

Usage notifications

We will send you a notification once a certain percentage of the credit limit has been reached.

The following notifications are sent:

  • 50% of the credit limit reached
  • 70% of the credit limit reached
  • 90% of the credit limit reached

Increase of the credit limit

We initially set a credit limit that corresponds to your current weekly turnover. You can ask us at any time whether we can increase the limit. However, this will only be increased if it has been reached several times in one week.